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Guess who is sitting on the naughty step?

Happy New Year, I know the greeting is a bit late but forgive me.  Please???

I have had lots to do, and I’ve been remiss not posting any pictures or blog of what I’ve been up to.

So, here is a quick catch up on some of my crafty moments.

I really have been busy, honestly, doing lots of things but not taking the time to chalk up my finished projects or to enjoy my achievements.

I have been making some things for friends, making things for the family, playing and dreaming and finishing projects that have been sitting around from way before Christmas.


The cushion with the pink patchwork is made from a ‘well loved skirt’, you know the garments that you have great memories of, loved wearing and can’t bear to let go of?

Well I repurposed the skirt to become a memory cushion, depending on what you like, one side is the back of the skirt, with pockets still in tack and the ‘bow’ is parts of the front of the skirt to add a splash of colour to the lovely heavy linen I used to give the cushion longevity and body.

IMG_3203     IMG_3205

The letter hangar was an idea arising from a christmas card holder, its around 30″ long  and 7″ wide and it has enough pockets to hold all those pesky letters and brochures until you can deal with them and its decorative enough to splash a bit of colour around without getting in the way.  And I added two hook and loop or velcro strips to hang your keys on so they can be found (providing you remember to hang them up in the first instance!).


The tea cosy was something another friend wanted, yes, I know that you can buy red tea cosies just about anywhere, but this was crafted with kind thoughts and friendship and it was exactly what was wanted!.


I found a book with lots of gorgeous christmas stockings in it so that was another aside and I must have made about 10 of them, brilliant fun! everyone got a stocking for christmas.


The cushion with the houses is from ‘The owl and the sewing cat’, its just finished and the appliqué and fabrics gave me lots of opportunities to play around with it.  if you get a chance have a look at their web site


Finally the quilt was for a lovely little baby girl born just before Christmas to welcome to the world Gabrielle.  excuse my rubbish photo  it looks like there are 3 strips rather than 1 quilt! lol

gabriellas quilt

Its been a strange month so far, in terms of celebrities we have lost David Bowie and Alan Rickman, both huge stars and favourites of mine so my crafting has been filled with music and film keeping me company while I remember these artists and sew, so who knows what influence it will have on my crafty works as the months unfold.

I’ve not been idle just not posting so I’m making myself a promise to be better at sharing! Hope that I can get off the naughty step now!

Oh and I almost forgot, I’ve signed up for another patchwork class, its not a tutored class as such, like minded people chatting and sewing, or not sewing, depending on the mood.  New people and new ideas and a nudge to my comfort zone so watch this space……..

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So much to do and So little time……..

I have had a busy busy busy few weeks and tried hard to fit everything in but as always something always falls by the way side and it has been my blog, sorry……

I made a gorgeous quilt, it was a design team make and I was given beautiful Amy Butler fabrics to create the blocks and colour pops. It was a colour palette that I would not have chosen myself so it pushed me right out of my comfort zone!  It’s for a magazine so I can’t share all the how to’s just yet but for a sneaky peak of the colours ….. yummy aren’t they?

IMG_2275 (1)

Then a had a wee trip into  bag making, always a good place for me, it’s where I go when I need a distraction or something to occupy me.  It can revive a flagging mojo, chase away the blues or simply give clarity to your thoughts with a familiar process and knowing that its something that you can do well.

Having settled myself it was time to start  another design team project, who doesn’t need a coffee sleeve? I drink that stuff by the gallon and enjoy every drop cause caffeine is my favourite thing, naughty I know!

Having made and dispatched three coffee sleeves for the DT project, I carried on and made some more!  These are simple and quick to make give you loads of room for your imagination and when complete, they fit into your bag or pocket easily so no more having to get your hands burnt when you are sipping your expresso.  The coffee sleeves in the photo were made for some colleagues of my husband so they are not part of the design team project!  Safe to snap and show and no secrets shared!

IMG_2506IMG_2507 (1)

So it was then time to tidy the craft room, it looked like a bomb site and was well beyond being an inspiring space.  It took a day and a half to make it a tranquil and creative place for my next adventure.

While tackling the tidy up I came across a couple of pieces of fabric, I haven’t a clue where they came from or when I ‘acquired’ them, but I love purple and I couldn’t help myself so yet another bag was born and this one is planned to accompany me on a few shopping expeditions!

IMG_2563 IMG_2564

I had been watching Create and Craft and the lovely Mandy Shaw and her delicious Dandelion Designs had a show, now, if you ever want some inspiration, head over to Mandy’s web site and feast your eyes on her great ideas.  I couldn’t help myself and a few, well OK about a half-dozen patterns fell into my basket.

So last week I played and now you can meet Robin and Rosie, these advent lovelies are for two of my grandchildren.

IMG_2566 IMG_2565IMG_2562

Really enjoyed these Christmas treats but from what I hear I better return to the land of shopping cooking and cleaning  …….. Bye for now.

Oh before I go, I am planning taking a table at a Craft Fair later in the year, what do you think would be most appealing to buy  what should I concentrate on making ???