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Ahh, wondered where that was….

When I’m crafting I never empty the bin or the vacuum cleaner, experience has taught me that there’s a time and place for doing things and if I empty the bin…. it’s almost guaranteed that I will have to work my way through said rubbish looking for a scrap of cloth or pattern piece that was tidied away, or hunting for an uber small widget from some kit that took wings and flew into the bin or lay helpless on the floor as Dr Dyson trundled over the top of it sucking it into the plastic tub of oblivion.  OK drama over, you get my meaning that the craft room is sanctified ground until I’ve completed a particular project.  Then a major clean up operation swings into action and all traces are gone forever.  All products, equipment and machinery is put away and for a brief moment peace and tranquility reigns.  But remember my craft room has too much stuff in it so it never looks OCD tidy, I sort of know what is supposed to be where…….

Take 2…… every fabric bin is out, there’s even fabric laid out in other rooms just to check how it looks in different light!,  tape measures and rulers balance on every ledge, the Blue Peter corner is covered in cardboard and sticky tape whilst templates are made and patterns created, checked and cut out.   Then the big guns ( you know, sewing machines, several of them, irons, over lockers, Netflix and NowTV, Deezer )  all get turned on and the magic starts ……  I can lose hours, days even in that sewing room, it’s mt go to place, my happy corner.

I have as they say…so much to do and so little time, I thought that I would load up a couple of photos from recent projects.  I will load the blogs when I find them or in one case when I finish writing it.  Hope you like them, In the meantime, leave me a comment and let me know  and if there is something that catches your attention let me know. I would be happy just to have your feedback.

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I have loved making 'things' as long as I can remember. I love quilting, patchwork, fabric and multimedia crafting. TheCraftyPixy as a name started as a bit of fun but I love 'playing' so much, it has stuck! Family and friends ask 'where is she, is she playing?' meaning am I upstairs in my craft room working or playing.... I make samples of quilted and fabric items for television, magazines, social media and for demonstrations. I sell handmade items and take orders or special commissions. I have committed to two craft fairs this year at the North Down Museum in Bangor. As well as this I'm also working with a friend printing personalised items to order; clothing, caps, stationery and craft, there is a large selection of designs already available (and this is growing daily...). From here ..... the world is my oyster or my lobster- depending on who you listen to.

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