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A view on life…. – Crafty Pixy style of course


I live in a little town in County Down called Comber, its close to Castle Espie, Ireland’s largest collection of native and exotic waterbirds, bats and migrant birds it has stunning views from the shore of Strangford Lough. It’s ringed by hills and mountains in the distance. Comber is probably most famous for potatoes, Comber early potatoes have been granted protected geographical indication(PGI) status under European law. The potatoes are prized for their distinctive flavour, its earthy and nutty and has soft smooth skin. New season Comber potatoes join an elite group products, including Parma ham, Champagne wine and Stilton cheese. They are gorgeous!!!!  They grow in the fields around me and I drive past these fields daily, or the tractors carrying these little beauties drive past me! (or hold me back on the local roads)

From my little craft room I have the most spectacular views towards the Castlereagh Hills with the Mourne’s to the left and Belfast and the Black Mountain to the right.  If I had eyes in the back of my head I would see Scrabo Tower too.

With all this to look at its a miracle that I ever get anything made so please be kind and indulge me when I share these views or get excited about sunsets and sunrises and all things imaginable.


2017 is shaping up nicely, I’m just finishing my March design team projects for Crafters Companion, 3 projects posted on Friday and the last one is at hand stitching and embellishments so well on target,  oh I forgot, I have another tutorial to write as well!   I am one of life’s procrastinators and this has certainly made for interesting stories in my head.  It’s me and a calendar no backchat allowed.  I’ve no one to blame but me but sure I can put up a good argument anyway.  I’ve lost and won the same battle on the same day and never gone beyond the garden.  

Change of tack planned as I move forward this year….I’m tacking all things Baby,  having made quilts, big,big, quilts, with the challenge of needing a space as big as a ball room to spread out quilt tops for layering, tacking and quilting,  it will be such a pleasant change to be able to craft on a table top instead of taking over several rooms!  I think it will be liberating!  I am also committing to making at least one bag or quilt or picture a week, well at least one a month in the hope I reduce my stress levels  trying to ensure I have sufficient stock for Craft Fairs.  Well that’s the plan.

Now, I don’t know how storage works at your house but it is always a bone of contention,  (am I kidding myself that I am going to make that much!) at my house, storage is always a big problem…….. one that will occupy my little grey cells for more than a second or two.    I have to bargain for every nook and cranny of crafting space but I have to hold my hands up,  I hoard,  and I can’t go past a bargain so I am my own worst enemy.  I have far too fabric, notions, wadding and general craft making products I could start a shop! But I’m very happy cause I’m a crafting butterfly flitting between projects. (Actually I’m terrified of butterflies why did I ever use that analogy?  Its Lepidoptera (screams very loudly)!

 Here’s a sneaky peek of one of March’s projects  … big reveal when I’m allowed.    I don’t think you will guess what it is 

I’ve started playing with paint and inks and stencil and multi media and I’m having such a good time, hours are flying round and I’m so genuinely engrossed, trying this and that, and testing for colourfastness and wash and ironing.  Whole new world…..whatever have I started.  I will be hoarding the washing up liquid bottles and the toilet roll tubes…

🤔 ever….. 


I have loved making 'things' as long as I can remember. I love quilting, patchwork, fabric and multimedia crafting. TheCraftyPixy as a name started as a bit of fun but I love 'playing' so much, it has stuck! Family and friends ask 'where is she, is she playing?' meaning am I upstairs in my craft room working or playing.... I make samples of quilted and fabric items for television, magazines, social media and for demonstrations. I sell handmade items and take orders or special commissions. I have committed to two craft fairs this year at the North Down Museum in Bangor. As well as this I'm also working with a friend printing personalised items to order; clothing, caps, stationery and craft, there is a large selection of designs already available (and this is growing daily...). From here ..... the world is my oyster or my lobster- depending on who you listen to.

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